Cremation Burial Options

A permanent legacy to remember your loved one

Cremated remains may be laid to rest in much the same manner as a traditional burial, creating a permanent legacy of your loved one. We offer both in-ground burial for cremains, as well as columbarium niches. Talk to your funeral director about which option works best for you. 

Traditional gravesite

Cremated remains may be placed in a traditional gravesite, with memorial, headstone, or other memoralization options. If both are cremated, couples may share one gravesite with separate burial urns. Arrangements must be made in advance to accommodate this option.

Columbarium niches

A columbarium is used to place cremation urns in an above-ground structure that provides lasting protection. A personalized memorial is placed on the front of the niche. Both individual niches and companion niches are available. 

At Ridgeview West Memorial Park, niches are located in the Peace Garden columbarium. Situated in the center of the Park with paved sidewalks leading to the Garden, these niches are easily accessible to family and friends who may want to visit. 

Urn options

We have a wide variety of urns for your selection that can be personalilzed in many ways. We would be happy to schedule a visit to our showroom, or you may contact us for details. 

Graveside Service

Families may choose to have a graveside service as remains are placed in their final resting place, whether in-ground or columbarium. This service may be held in conjunction with a memorial service, or as a private time for family and close friends.